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Drawing Info


$500,000 Cash Bonanza 2nd Chance Drawing Schedule

Drawings  Entry Deadline Drawing Date
Drawing #1 January 21, 2011 January 27, 2011
Drawing #2 June 24, 2011 June 30, 2011
Drawing #3 December 9, 2011 December 15, 2011
FINAL Drawing #4 TBD TBD


$500,000 Cash Bonanza 2nd Chance Drawing Prize Values

Drawing #1 Drawing #2 Drawing #3 Drawing #4
Prize Value # of Prizes Prize Value # of Prizes Prize Value # of Prizes Prize Value # of Prizes
$1,000 2 $5,000 1 $25,000 1 $500,000* 1
$500 10 $500 10 $500 10 $500 10
$200 20 $200 20 $200 20 $200 20


Winners will be required to present the original tickets of winning entries submitted on the Internet in order to validate their entry and claim their prize.

2 easy ways to enter! Collect non-winning CT Lottery $500,000 Cash Bonanza scratch tickets.

Drawing Info

  1. Submit entries ONLINE at this website! Go to our LOG IN section to register and submit your non-winning entry tickets online.

    1. SAVE YOUR TICKETS! To claim any prize won by an online entry, the valid $500,000 Cash Bonanza (game #1070) non-winning game ticket used for the entry will need to be presented at time of claim. Failure to provide the actual ticket will result in disqualification.
    2. You must have a legal address in Connecticut to enter ONLINE. Entrants must be within the borders of the state of Connecticut when entering via the internet. If you're not a resident of CT, you'll have to enter by using the MAIL or HAND-DELIVERY method, noted below.
  1. Enter by MAIL or HAND-DELIVERY:

    1. Legibly print name, address, city, state, zip and telephone number on the back of a non-winning ticket. One name per ticket.
    2. Place one non-winning ticket into an envelope no larger than 4.5" x 9.5". Envelopes exceeding that size will be disqualified. Multiple tickets in one envelope will be disqualified. Each envelope is considered to be one entry.
    3. Mailed entries must be postmarked by the ENTRY DEADLINE for each of the Drawings and sent by U.S. First Class Mail to:
      CT Lottery
      $500,000 Cash Bonanza 2nd Chance Drawing
      P.O. Box #290937
      Newington, CT 06129-0937
    4. Hand-delivered entries must be dropped off at the CT Lottery, 777 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, and placed into the $500,000 Cash Bonanza Entry Box, accessible to the public in the lobby by 4:30 PM (local time) on or before the applicable Entry Deadline Dates. Blank envelopes will be provided near the $500,000 Cash Bonanza Entry Box as a courtesy. Entries without envelopes will be disqualified.

Picking the Winners

  1. All drawings will be held at the CT Lottery, 777 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067.
  2. Entry Deadline Dates and Entry Drawing Dates are shown above; actual drawing times are to be determined.
  3. Entrants may win only one prize per drawing.
  4. The CT Lottery must be able to contact an entrant within 10 business days of Entry Drawing Date. If contact cannot be made, the CT Lottery reserves the right to disqualify the entrant and select another entry.
  5. Entries are subject to validation by the CT Lottery or its designee.
  6. Winners will be required to provide proof of identity and sign an "Eligibility Form." The CT Lottery will be permitted to use any photos, quotes and/or other information gathered during the 2nd Chance Drawings for publicity purposes.
  7. Only eligible winners can receive Drawing prizes.  
  8. The CT Lottery reserves the right to cancel or suspend any drawing or game, prize structure or frequency of drawings according to established game rules.
  9. For detailed 2nd Chance Drawing Procedures, CLICK HERE

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